Privileged credentials are the literal key to most tactics used by today’s hackers. Once they are able to steal these credentials, they can alter them and your important data. Here are four things to watch out for when it comes to protecting your business from cyber threats:

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Weak links

You may think that putting casual information out about your location or family members may not effect your work, but unfortunately, the more personal information that is put online, the easier it is for hackers to target your organization. In some cases, hackers actually spend most of their time researching their target through social media and other means before actually making a breach. Combat this by being more cautious of what sort of information you put out, even if you don’t think it’s work-related.

Escalate Access

Once a hacker has access to one level of access, they can usually find ways to get access into higher levels. This is especially true if a business has given most employees  wide amounts of the same sort of information access. Be sure to clearly define roles within your business and to keep access limited.

Password Tricks

Hackers will use a variety of means to trick users into clicking links that give away their passwords. This could be phishing emails, social media messages, or secondary victims on employee devices. These can be hard to avoid, but seeking out cybersecurity solutions, such as SIEM, can help you to detect potential threats before they become real disasters.

Exploring IT

This tactic requires already having some sort of access credentials. Once inside, a hacker can begin watching the daily routines of the IT Team and get an idea for what vulnerabilities they can target. From there, they can attack and cause immense damage. One way to combat this is to bolster your login credentials. Consider using multi-factor authentication.

Cyber criminals will continue to work at improving their tactics, but so will cybersecurity companies. If you are looking for a multilayered and comprehensive protection against cyberthreats, consider outsourcing to cybersecurity companies. StratoZen has developed multiple custom SIEM and other services to tailor fit your business so that you can get back to focusing on what your business does best.