Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) technologies are top of mind with many organizations and service providers today. The ability to automatically respond to cybersecurity incidents is becoming a must-have in order to keep up with today’s threats. But do you truly understand this technology and what it takes to implement effective automated response?

Join John Pescatore, Director at the SANS Institute and Kevin Prince, Founder and CEO at StratoZen as they discuss how you can implement effective automation in your cyber defenses. This educational webcast will cover the critical foundational components you should have before implementing SOAR technologies. It will also cover important concepts such as automation controls and the difference between automating actions versus automating decisions.

Speaker Bios

Kevin Prince

Security 2020 author Kevin Prince is the founder and CEO of StratoZen, providing managed threat detection, response, and compliance solutions to organizations around the globe. With years of cybersecurity experience under his belt, Kevin is also the former CTO of Compushare (now Finastra) and Perimeter eSecurity (now BAE Systems). Before founding StratoZen, Kevin also founded Red Cliff Solutions, a financial services MSSP and served as a former trainer to FDIC, NCUA and FFIEC auditors.

John Pescatore

John Pescatore joined SANS as director of emerging security trends in January 2013 after more than 13 years as lead security analyst for Gartner, running consulting groups at Trusted Information Systems and Entrust, 11 years with GTE, and service with both the National Security Agency, where he designed secure voice systems, and the U.S. Secret Service, where he developed secure communications and surveillance systems and “the occasional ballistic armor installation.” John has testified before Congress about cybersecurity, was named one of the 15 most-influential people in security in 2008 and is an NSA-certified cryptologic engineer.

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