ZenSight 2.0 delivers powerful command center for StratoZen clients

Draper, UT | July 21, 2020: StratoZen is announcing today its new client portal, ZenSight 2.0 – combining all aspects of StratoZen’s SOAR platform, SIEM, SOCaaS, threat intelligence, and compliance solutions into a single interface for its service provider partners and enterprise clients. Using ZenSight 2.0, StratoZen clients can instantly see their cybersecurity incidents, organizational risk level, escalations from StratoZen’s SOC analysts, and monitored assets in interactive, customizable dashboards. The new portal also enables clients to manage a sophisticated intuitive playbook system, drill down into incidents and risks, see every monitored asset, directly interact with StratoZen’s SOC team, and pull informative reports.

Critically, in order to support StratoZen’s large network of service providers, ZenSight 2.0 includes native multi-tenant support for MSPs and other service providers, including roll-up reporting, aggregate dashboards, consolidated ticket management, and an intuitive three-tier playbook system. Service providers can leverage the multi-tenant features to optionally allow their end customers to access ZenSight 2.0 directly.

“We launched the original ZenSight portal two years ago and have made many incremental changes since then based on client feedback. ZenSight has become a critical reporting tool for our clients,” said Eric Gravett, StratoZen’s Chief Revenue Officer. “ZenSight 2.0 was designed and developed from the ground up to provide a more comprehensive experience. Consolidating the most important aspects of our platform into a single interface while giving clients the ability to manage actions, playbooks, and SOC interaction from a single console means that ZenSight 2.0 is much more than a report portal. Our service provider partners especially love the ability to see all monitored devices, manage notifications, and leverage our three-tier playbook system from a single, powerful command center.”

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For service providers and enterprises, StratoZen provides a SOAR Platform including modern SIEM, SOC-as-a-Service, and Proactive Defense solutions that bridge the gap between traditional in-house cybersecurity and legacy outsourced MSSP options. We deliver unique value to our clients by focusing on high accuracy, unmatched flexibility, and custom integration with existing IT operations. Organizations that outsource IT management can access our solutions through our extensive network of service provider partners, while enterprises with in-house teams can leverage StratoZen to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of their SIEM and security operations.

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