SANS Webcast – SOAR is Not a Product: Steps to Achieve Meaningful and Measurable Cyber Defense with a Proper SOAR Strategy

Many organizations only think of automated response or playbook workflows when discussing SOAR. But an effective SOAR capability is more than a product purchase or simply enabling a vendor’s automation feature. Done correctly, a SOAR strategy provides the critical foundation for effective and efficient cyber defenses.

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StratoZen at the IT Nation Conference

We here at StratoZen thrive when our clients do, and this is only possible when they have effective cybersecurity tools and practices in place. Of course, this requires collaboration between cybersecurity companies, MSPs and businesses looking to deploy these services. […]

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What is IT Nation Connect?

Every year, technology industry leaders and professionals from around the world unite at the IT Nation Connect Conference. If you’ve never heard of it, IT Nation Connect comes from ConnectWise, an information technology company located in Tampa, Florida. This conference […]

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