(Co)Managed SIEM

(Co)Managed SIEM

(Co)Managed SIEM is a dedicated instance for our clients that can be deployed anywhere. Some common scenarios are where a client wants to host the platform themselves or have us build them an instance in AWS or Azure.

SIEM platforms are inherently complex and require a great deal of experience across multiple vendors, multiple device types, network and telecommunications, operating systems, protocols, and much more. StratoZen offers custom tailored SIEM services to address these needs, and ensure that your SIEM solutions provides the highest level of value and security.

(Co)Managed SIEM Advantages

With (Co)Managed SIEM, StratoZen takes over the management, monitoring, and
maintenance of your SIEM as if it were our own while your team maintains administrator access. You decide how much your team wants to learn versus how much you want to completely outsource to us – we’re happy to manage the entire system or share any responsibilities with your team. That’s why we call it “(Co)Managed”.

We handle all day-to-day operations of your SIEM environment remotely, ensuring that your platform stays up to date and healthy. We also continuously perform rule and alert tuning to minimize false positives and provide custom rule enrichment including response / remediation assistance.

By allowing StratoZen to co-manage your SIEM, your internal staff can focus on managing the network and incident response rather than keeping the SIEM environment running and healthy. It’s your SIEM, customized to your processes and operations, managed by StratoZen’s unmatched expertise.