Cybersecurity concerns keep increasing as new strains of technology become popular. Paying the hefty price of cybersecurity negligence can lead to unwarranted losses in an organization. With many companies discarding their physical IT infrastructures to adopt cloud systems, cyber threat is a real issue.

Cybersecurity companies are constantly developing solutions directed at mitigating expected and unforeseen security threats. In the case of a security breach, consumer data is highly susceptible to malicious activities. Technologies such as SIEM and Fortinet security products from reputable cybersecurity companies will give your company great cybersecurity leverage. SIEM and Fortinet security solutions provide real-time system analysis allowing for security threats to be detected on time and action taken automatically.

Despite the efforts which have been implemented by cybersecurity companies, cybersecurity threats are expected to be conspicuous in 2020. Thus, it is advisable for a company’s security management team to be aware of the predicted cybersecurity threats and adopt the recommended SIEM and Fortinet cybersecurity threats detection solutions. The following are some of the expected cybersecurity threats in 2020.

Credential Stuffing: Major companies are being targeted by hackers who in most cases manage to obtain customer usernames/passwords. The stolen credentials by hackers are used through automated systems to log in on various websites. Hackers perceive that many consumers use the same credentials on different websites. This threat is extremely expensive when hackers manage to access customers’ bank or credit card portals. However, with real-time security threat monitoring, critical consumer details can be kept safe.

Collaboration App Security: There is an increasing trend for people to work with apps to collaborate with others. This collaboration helps them access multiple apps within their main working platform—an example of such an app is Slack. However, apps that allow file sharing for virtual workplaces such as SharePoint and Dropbox will keep giving hackers the opportunity to access credentials and distribute malicious content.

Phishing: This threat is expected to increase in 2020 due to the rising trend in the use of AI and machine learning. Hackers will take advantage of these technologies to lure unsuspecting people into proving their personal information via emails. Such information might be used to access their bank accounts or credit facilities.

Having understood that cybersecurity concerns are not going to stop any time soon, don’t you think it is high time your organization looked into implementing SIEM and Fortinet technology from reputable cybersecurity companies to manage such threats? Make the right decision and add an extra layer to your security systems!