When it comes to cybersecurity defense, like any other defense, one of the best things you can do is know your attacker’s strategies. After all, that is what cybersecurity companies center their whole industry on. Here are some of the most common cybersecurity exploits hackers use today:

SQL Injection Attack

Structured Query Language (SQL) Injections happen when a hacker inserts a piece of damaging code into an SQL server. This allows them to slip past any authorization on a webpage, meaning it can force otherwise secure pages to reveal sensitive information that can then be modified or deleted. They also make it possible to execute operating system commands.


Malware is a contraction term for malicious software and refers to any type of damaging software. Cyber criminals use these types of software to steal or damage credentials and to interrupt computing functions. While anti-malware software can help here, be sure your organization doesn’t stop with that. Hackers are beginning to find ways around these type of software, so look for cybersecurity companies that can offer more a in-depth solution as well.


Phishing email scams are even more sophisticated today. Hackers know that most people now know better than to click on unusual emails and links, so now these emails usually take the form of someone you trust and even are formatted to look like real emails and websites.

Man in the Middle (MITM)

An MITM attack is when a hacker is able to eavesdrop on a two-party transaction. There are a variety of ways that hackers can do this, including through a phishing email, a legitimate looking wi-fi connection, or stolen browser cookies. Hackers use this steal data or interrupt web traffic.

These are only few of the many exploits cyber criminals use. In order to have real protection for your organization, you need a cybersecurity solution that is multilayered and comprehensive. At StratoZen, we can offer you just that. Our custom SIEM and other services can be tailor fit to match the needs of your business. Best of all, StratoZen is self-funded and only grows when you do, which is what allows us to stand out from other cybersecurity companies. Visit our website for more information.