In today’s world, nearly all of our devices are connected to the Internet of Things, including our home security cameras and webcams. While we often use our cameras to join in on work meetings or take pictures of our vacation, cybersecurity companies warn that they can become a security risk. Hackers can now use webcams and other cameras to spy and glean personal information.

Here’s some security precautions you can take now to make sure you stay safe.

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Tape It

One practical solution is to cover your webcam. Use something dark such as electric tape or a bandaid to secure your webcam. You can also unplug your device when you are no longer use it. This is a way to keep hackers from watching you. However, cybersecurity companies would suggest attacking the deeper problem in order to keep all of your data safe.


You might consider outsourcing to cybersecurity companies and softwares in order to get real-time protection. Cybersecurity solutions like SIEM monitoring or antivirus software can help you spot suspicious activity within your network before it becomes a bigger problem.

Webcam Protection

Look for programs that are specifically designed to secure your webcam. Just make sure to do some research beforehand before downloading anything. Choose a program that you can fully trust, otherwise you may download more problems than you solve.

Cybersecurity companies will be the first to tell you that even employee’s personal devices can be a weak point for hackers to target. At StratoZen, we offer multilayered SIEM monitoring that can help you spot malicious activity throughout your entire network. Our solution can be tailor-fit to any size of business. You only pay for what you need. Visit our website to learn more.