For many of us, our smartphones play a big role in our everyday lives. We use it to socialize, navigate, shop and even do our banking. It’s extremely convenient. Unfortunately, to accomplish these tasks we often share personal information. Cybersecurity companies will be the first to tell you that this makes the smartphone a big target for theft and hacking. Here are some ways to keep your phone secure.

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Screen Lock

Make sure that the screen lock on your phone is secure. Face detection isn’t as secure as it might sound and a memorized pattern can be predictable. Cybersecurity companies would recommend you try a fingerprint or a PIN instead.

Always Log Out

It sounds like a pain, but it can save you a lot of headaches in the end. Make sure to log out of all of your apps and accounts on your phone once you are no longer using them. This is especially true for banking and shopping apps, which store a lot of personal data.

Use Password Managers

Cybersecurity companies highly recommend having a secure password. Of course, a long string of numbers, digits and symbols can be hard to remember so you might consider downloading a password manager app. This can help you keep track of all your passwords in a way that is secure.

Avoid Public Networks

Public networks are a great tool for hackers. They often use them to connect to online devices and steal personal information. Make sure to never send over anything sensitive. In fact, the best practice would be to avoid public networks and stick to your home broadband.

Check Remote Tracking

Cybersecurity companies would also recommend checking the tracking feature of your phone works. This can allow you to lock and even erase your device remotely, preventing thieves from getting at personal data.

Encrypt Communications

If cybersecurity is a big priority for you, you might also consider encrypting your communications. There are apps that can help you encrypt your text messages and emails. Some will even automatically delete emails and messages once they’ve been read.

Keeping your phone safe is an important part of your personal security as well as security in the workplace. At StratoZen, we offer custom SIEM monitoring that can help you spot potential breaches from anywhere within your network, including endpoint devices. Visit our website to learn more!