Businesses are under immense pressure to keep their data safe, especially healthcare or financial organizations that store so much sensitive information. A slow response to a data breach can cost fines, customer trust and repair time. Here are some tips to help your team have a quicker response time to any future data breaches:

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Algorithm Tools

One of the best things you can do for your business’s cybersecurity is to outsource to cybersecurity companies or invest in comprehensive solutions. For example, at StratoZen we have custom SIEM monitoring that allows you to spot malicious activity throughout your network in real time. This can help your team have a faster response time.   

Incident Response Team

Form an incident response team. This can help you to be more prepared once data breaches happen. Roles will already be decided and training can already be in place. This can cut out a lot of the chaos and speed up your ability to resolve security issues.

Employee Training

Use regular training programs for all of your employees. This can help to protect your company against phishing scams and other common hacking tactics. The more your employees understand about cybersecurity, the less you will need to respond to threats.

Decrease Permissions

Cybersecurity companies will tell you that the less access that employees have to sensitive data, the more secure your company’s assets are. Be sure to regularly reevaluate permissions and access and only grant employees what they need to complete their tasks.

Security Professionals

It’s also a good idea to involve your security professionals in company-wide decisions. Include them from the very beginning. Their experience and insight can help to decrease the amount of attempted breaches.


Many companies have a security budget in place. Make sure that the bulk of that budget does to protecting your most sensitive information. This way, your most important information will have a thicker wall to protect it, buying your team time to respond to any potential threats.

At StratoZen, we can help you manage your cybersecurity for a more comprehensive, multilayered defense. We offer a variety of services, like our SIEM-as-a-Service, that can be tailor-fit to your business where you only pay for what you need. Visit our website to learn more.