One of the big reasons that hackers attack businesses is for financial gain. It’s no surprise, then, that one of their main targets is the financial sector. Financial organizations need to be prepared to detect and respond to threats before they become an out-of-hand incident. One way to prioritize your organization’s cyber defense is by outsourcing to reputable cybersecurity companies.

Customer Trust

As a financial organization, one of your most important assets is trust. Improved cybersecurity can help you maintain positive relationships with your customers so that they continue to save and invest with you. At StratoZen, we specialize in helping financial organization protect their data.

We’ve developed a flexible SIEM solution that can analyze massive amounts of data for potential security breaches at a price that matches the size of your company. A SIEM can also help you meet security compliance regulations, giving your customers more reason to rely on your services.

Problems We Solve

Traditionally, SIEM solutions are known for being expensive, cumbersome installments made chiefly for big businesses. At StratoZen, we’ve turned that around. Our flexible services and solutions are designed specifically to solve common and cybersecurity problems, such as:

  • Complicated SIEM
  • Staff shortage
  • High costs
  • Alert fatigue
  • Data privacy
  • Compliance

Quality cybersecurity is vital to any business and should not be overly complicated. That is why, unlike other cybersecurity companies, we have designed our solutions to give you full and safe access to your data. Our team of experts that are here to help you manage the SIEM solution if you are short-staffed, but we don’t keep your own data from you. The rules and reports are up to you; we’re just here to back you up.

Your financial organization has a lot to keep track of even without always looking over your shoulder for hackers. Let StratoZen shoulder some of the load. If you are looking to outsource to cybersecurity companies, be sure to visit our website today! We’d be happy to help.