Studies have shown that the majority of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Most of us already use our phones and tablets for shopping and entertainment, but it is becoming increasingly common for employees to use their phones or tablets to do work as well. Understandably, hackers have turned to using mobile devices more often as well for breaking to individual and business data. Cybersecurity companies can help you detect any of these breaches with SIEM and other solutions, but in the mean time, here are a few different apps for Android and Apple devices that can help boost your security.


  • Avast Mobile Security. This worldwide software is now available on the Android. It only takes a single tap to run a scan for infected apps. Additionally, the free version offers some great features for protecting against viruses and spyware.
  • Norton Security & Antivirus. This app brags a 100% detection rate and can remove all the nasty viruses, malware, and spyware boring down your device. You can even use it to locate or remotely lock a mission device.


  • Avira Mobile Security. Avira has become known as a robust antivirus engine for desktops and now its on mobile. This free app offers protection against phishing and identify theft. It can also backup your contacts and offer analysis on storage and memory use.
  • McAfee Mobile Security. This app offers a comprehensive service and is entirely free. You can also use to wipe contacts, photos, and videos if you detect that your device has been stolen.

End of point security is vital for businesses that allow employees to use a variety of devices and Wi-Fi networks. Apps can help protect individual devices, but for a more thorough and in-depth strategy, consider outsourcing to cybersecurity companies and implementing an SIEM solution. This type of solution can detect breaches across multiple systems, not just mobile, and we at StratoZen are happy to help you get started.