Smart Home networks are a modern convenience that make life easier for many individuals and families. However, expert cybersecurity companies know that they also pose a frightening amount of risks to the security and even the safety of residents. Here are some threats to be wary of if you have or are considering smart home appliances.

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Device Hijacking

Even smart appliances generate data. That’s what makes them so convenient; they are able to connect to your smartphone and gather information about you and your preferences. This opens the door wide open for hackers to steal personal information—even through your living room lamp.

Permanent Denial of Service (PDoS)

This sort of attack is also known as phlashing. It’s when a hacker sends an attack to your smart device or appliance and permanently damages it. The only solution is to replace it. This is more than a blow to your bank account, it can cause safety issues as well with hackers having access to things like your oven or thermostat.

Appliance (DDoS)

By the same token, your devices and appliances could also experience a distributed dental of service (DDoS). This type of attack floods devices with information, causing them to shut down. This would not only leave your appliances unusable, but it would recruit them to an army of botnets used to create more DDoS attacks.


Cybercriminals can also use smart appliances to cause miscommunication between important service providers. For example, they can spoof temperature data during dangerous weather conditions, causing big problems for service providers who were fed the wrong information.

Cybersecurity companies offer countermeasures for these types of threats. However, with hackers continuing to perfect their methods it is important to always practice caution. If you are looking for an extra layer of protection for your organization, our team of experts at StratoZen can help. We have high-quality SIEM solutions that can help you detect threats from every device or appliance within your network. Contact us today to learn more.