As online threats become more frequent and cybercriminals find new ways to launch malicious attacks, it’s essential for cybersecurity companies to come up with new ways to counter them. It can be challenging to keep up with the vast number of attacks that happen each year; this is where live feed cyberattack maps come into play. These intricate maps provide cybersecurity companies with crucial information. This information helps you stay ahead of potential cyber-attacks, making them an invaluable addition to your arsenal of cybersecurity tools.

We’re going to be going over three main takeaways when it comes to using live feed cyberattack maps.

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Real-Time Monitoring Can Help Determine Attack Severity

Instead of waiting for attacks to come in before you can determine if they’re going to be detrimental, live feed maps allow you to see where most of the high-risk attacks are being sent to. If you see that there are an alarming number of dangerous attacks headed to your location, you’ll be more prepared to take them on.

Different Maps Serve Different Purposes

There are several maps available, all of which serve different businesses. Some maps strictly monitor web traffic and real-time attacks related to that web traffic. Other maps provide additional information like cyber-attack sources and IP addresses. Cybersecurity companies urge businesses to pinpoint which features they need before they decide on a cyberattack map so that they may invest in the one which is most suitable for their cybersecurity needs.

Be Wary of Maps That Don’t Utilize Live-Feed Monitoring 

With dozens of products on the market, there will be some that don’t live up to a company’s expectations. There are some maps out there that don’t track events as they’re occurring; instead they show past events. Maps that show past events put you at risk of not being able to detect severe threats in time. This could be harmful to your companies’ networks.

By researching live feed cyberattack maps, you’ll be able to help your clients stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. If you’re still curious about the functionality and benefits of cyberattack maps, the cybersecurity experts here at StratoZen can help. We’re ready to answer any questions you might have about cybersecurity. You can also check out our services page to learn more about the cybersecurity services we have to offer.