Cloud systems are can be very convenient for companies and individuals alike. However, not all businesses are completely on board yet. This is because, as expert cybersecurity companies will tell you, with great convenience can also come great vulnerability. If something is easy for us to access, then you can bet it’s easy for hackers to access as well. There are security options available for these types of systems, but here are some challenges to be aware of:

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Less Control

Cloud systems can decrease the control you have over your data. For example, the cloud service might be the ones who decide where the data is stored. They might also call the shots for how often it is backed up and what encryption to use.

Compromised Accounts

You can take measures to protect your own company from insider attacks. However, once you invest in a Cloud provider service it’s important to remember that they also have to prevent insider attacks. Make sure you trust your provider before putting your sensitive data in the hands of their employees.

Compliance Mandates

Another concern a lot of companies have is compliance. Cybersecurity companies can offer solutions to help you meet a variety of requirements. However, with Cloud systems, it can be hard to ensure that you are meeting compliance standards. While this isn’t an immediate threat, it can lead to a lot of expense and headache in the case of a breach.

Disaster Recovery

Cybersecurity companies know that it’s one thing to handle your own disaster recovery. But what if the Cloud service provider has a crisis or goes out of business? While this isn’t an impossible challenge to overcome, it’s an important one to be aware of when deciding to store your data.

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The thing that makes cloud services so helpful is the same thing that can make them such a danger: sensitive information can all be accessed from the same place.