The definitions of “threat” or “concern” can change with time. This is especially the case with cybersecurity. Cybersecurity companies and research teams are continually uncovering new hacker methods. This, in turn, tends to change our focus and priorities. Here’s what to watch for in 2020.

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Cryptojacking is a rising trend. It’s when cybercriminals hijack third-party computers, such as home or work computers. They then use these devices to collect cryptocurrency. This can cause problems for businesses and their IT teams, as chasing down the threat behind performance issues costs a lot of downtimes.

Evolving Methods

Cybersecurity companies know this is always a threat when it comes to cybersecurity.  There are specific predictions for 2020 that phishing and ransomware will become more sophisticated. This is a big concern as these techniques tend to already be weak spots for businesses and organizations.

State-Sponsored Attacks

Individuals and businesses aren’t the only ones affected by the rise in cybercrime. It is expected that in the year 2020, the government will be at higher risk. State-sponsored attacks are expected to increase, creating a concern for our nation as a whole.

Smart Medical Devices

A lot of good has come from healthcare organizations storing information online and developing smart technology. Unfortunately, so has a lot of risks. Hackers have started using smart medical devices as their way in. Hackers could theoretically tamper with this kind of equipment, making this threat extremely concerning for healthcare organizations and their patients.

Just as hackers have continued to evolve their techniques, businesses have to as well. 2020 is the year to boost your cybersecurity strategy. At StratoZen, we know that the decision to outsource to cybersecurity companies is a big investment. That is why we make it worth your while with solutions that can be tailored to you and your teams. Contact us today to learn more.