Hacktivism adds a whole new level to what we typically think of when we think of hacking. It’s more than just breaking into a device for money or data. Hacktivism goes a step further, influencing policy and methods in order to bring about change in society.

Many of those that participate in hacktivism take advantage of society’s heightened sense of political awareness in order to spread their own ideologies. If they steal money or data, it’s as a means to an end. A cyber attack is usually just a part of a bigger agenda. Many hacktivists see themselves as individuals with skills that they can use to enact social justice and policy changes.

This means that the tools and tactics they use are often very similar to the ones used by traditional hackers. The only difference is that hacktivists have a deeper purpose and are more likely to be part of a coordinated effort.

Cybersecurity companies and researchers can help your business fend off their ever-evolving tactics.

Hacktivism has been around since the early days of the internet. Hackers would come together on message boards. Many of them shared similar political and societal views together they began numerous hacks in order to protest their idealisms. Since then, hacktivism has grown to include even employees upset with work policies.

This can be concerning for business owners because insider threats can be some of the biggest vulnerabilities to a company’s sensitive data, especially if an employee already has access to important files. Hacktivism can be more frightening than traditional hacking because those behind it may be out to ruin a business’s reputation more than they want to steal money. In these cases, the damages of an incident can be a lot more difficult to repair. In these cases, it can be helpful to outsource to cybersecurity companies.

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