Healthcare is one of the most vulnerable industries when it comes to cybersecurity. That is because as a society we trust healthcare centers with massive amounts of sensitive data. Cybercrime is on the rise, with criminals beginning to target even small businesses, putting cybersecurity companies in higher demand. However, due to the nature of healthcare, this industry faces many unique challenges in protecting their devices and information.

Internet of Medical Things

The market for medical devices that can connect to the internet is increasing. They are efficient and can help caregivers give needed attention to their patients. Unfortunately, they can also be helpful to hackers. Some of these devices are not capable of being updated, opening the door for cybercriminals to use older tactics to get in. Because these devices connect to the internet, they can then use them to access sensitive data or, theoretically, to change how the device functions, causing harm to patients.

Healthcare Apps

Apps are another growing trend in the healthcare industry. According to Appnovation, 325,000 health apps existed for the smartphone in 2017. That number has since tripled, adding up to well over three billion downloads. These apps can be helpful for healthcare providers, but it’s vital not to use them to cut corners, especially as some smartphone apps may contain malware. Some organizations use these apps as a way to forgo cybersecurity and to get quick results. Still, with the sort of information that these organizations are trusted with, it’s much better to outsource to cybersecurity companies.

High Stakes

Cybercriminals will often target healthcare organizations because they know that they have a lot of leverage. There are often lives on the line, and if a hacker can hold information or devices ransom, then they may feel they have a higher chance of getting what they want. Organizations within the healthcare industry need to be aware of the risks and prioritize cybersecurity before an incident occurs. One way to do this is by reaching out to expert cybersecurity companies.

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