Cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated by the day, and the price of breach due to damage, regulatory fines, disruptions and ransom payments are increasing. This presents the need for companies to set up a Security Operations Center (SOC). A SOC uses Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to identify threats and raise the alarm whenever a breach is detected.

A Managed Service provider (MSP) manages IT services for other companies online. A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) provides management of security devices and systems and outsourced monitoring. The difference between an MSP and MSSP is that MSSP uses robust and high availability security operation centers using SIEM to provide security services to their clients. Cybersecurity companies need high-end SIEM and SOC tools to protect their clients.

StratoZen is a cybersecurity company that offers SIEM and SOC services to MSPs worldwide. We provide endpoint and data protection solutions to Managed Service providers using our cybersecurity products.

Here are some advantages that StratoZen Offers to MSPs.


  1. We Provide SIEM-as-a-Service

We offer a high-end SIEM service solution that our secure and compliant cloud hosts. You no longer have to worry about capital investment; we design our SIEM product to meet all the needs of a Managed Service provider. This includes an event management system and security information.

  1. We Perform SIEM Management

If you already have an in-house SIEM platform, then we can help you in management, maintenance and monitoring. StratoZen uses a four-step process which includes: assessment, design, delivery and ongoing management to provide a highly valuable environment that reduces false positives and labor costs.

  1. Endpoint Defence

Advanced threat protection is quickly replacing antivirus software. This is due to its ability to detect and stop malware from breaching your client’s systems. Our Endpoint Defense solution protects customers’ endpoints from malware. It also increases security intelligence across all devices such as PCs, servers and mobile devices.

  1. Vulnerability Scanners

Our vulnerability scanning solution is integrated into a SIEM to enable centralized reporting, alerting in case of breach threats. We use detected vulnerabilities to calculate the Zen Score of a device that reveals the risk level of that device at any particular moment. Acquire this product to improve the security of your client’s systems and devices from malware and other cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity companies should improve on their SOC and SIEM tools by using high-end solutions provided by StratoZen Company. We offer products such as custom FortiSIEM services, ZEN Score, Vulnerability Scanners, End-point Defense and SIEM Management. Contact us today to get access to the best products on the market.