Release Date: June 13, 2018

Salt Lake City, UTToday StratoZen, the leading master MSSP providing cybersecurity solutions for MSPs and MSSPs, announced general availability of its ZenSight vulnerability scanning and reporting service. Today’s release follows the introduction of the service in late February and meets StratoZen’s commitment to release the services in Q2. ZenSight provides powerful features, including:

  • Integrated vulnerability scanning requiring no hardware or 3rd party licensing
  • A proprietary risk score algorithm used to calculate a risk rating score for each customer and every monitored device
  • An interactive report portal for StratoZen’s MSP and MSSP partners. ZenSight enables StratoZen’s partners to instantly identify high-risk devices and immediately drill down to the underlying root cause.
  • Board-level, customer facing reports. With ZenSight customer reports, service providers can now prove their value to end customers by clearly showing the results of cybersecurity efforts.


What Is ZenSight?

✓ Custom built internal vulnerability scanner

✓ Scans run from the SIEM collector

✓ Results sent directly into the SIEM

✓ Risk score assigned to every device & customer

✓ Interactive report dashboard with drill down

✓ Usable, attractive reports


ZenSight Benefits

✓ Continuous Vulnerability Management

✓ No scanning hardware or software needed

✓ Prove your value by measuring risk reduction

✓ Finally answer “What am I paying for?”


More Than Security Event Monitoring

The power of our ZenSight is that we include much more than just security event data.  In fact, ZenSight combines 5 key data components:


Learn more about ZenSight customer reports at: