Co-managed SIEM is one of the most powerful tools in cybersecurity today alongside MDR. When it comes to protecting your business from online cybersecurity threats, you want to utilize the most efficient and powerful techniques to protect your company. Co-managed SIEM is that extra security step that benefits companies across the nation, and if you’re looking to invest in this service, there are some things that you should know about co-managed SIEM.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about what you should expect when you choose to invest in co-managed SIEM services. If you’re still on the fence, hopefully we can answer any questions in this piece. Here is what you should expect with co-managed SIEM.

You’ll Work with a Team of Cybersecurity Professionals

Perhaps the most obvious benefit that comes with co-managed SIEM is that you’ll be working alongside cybersecurity professionals. This will help your team grow in terms of cybersecurity knowledge and you’ll also reduce the risks of facing a detrimental cybersecurity attack, as a professional team can help detect these risks before they become an issue. This will allow you to react accordingly and deal with any threats as they appear.

You Don’t Have to Hand Over Total Control

One of the most beneficial aspects of co-managed SIEM is that you don’t have to hand over complete control of your cybersecurity operations. While you’ll still be working with experienced cybersecurity professionals, your in-house IT team will still be in the loop during cybersecurity operations. Professionals will help you detect threats and find techniques that can best combat cybercriminals while also training your team in the latest cybersecurity practices.

Co-managed SIEM is great for businesses who want to learn more about cybersecurity methods while still being able to have some part in combatting cyber threats.

You’ll Enjoy Smoother Workflow

Co-managed SIEM helps both teams enjoy a comfortable workload, and you can expect your productivity to increase with co-managed SIEM services. Through collaboration, your in-house team and the cybersecurity experts will be able to work together to tackle threat detection, prevention, action and other tasks within your business in the most efficient manner. Co-managed SIEM is the best option if you don’t want to sacrifice productivity, and if you try to tackle cybersecurity on your own you could see a decrease in productivity.

Co-managed SIEM is a cybersecurity game-changer, and if you’re looking to improve your online security and improve your in-house team’s understanding while you’re at it, co-managed SIEM is the service for you.