SIEM solutions are found throughout the market of cybersecurity, but only the most trusted services provide a co-managed SIEM. While a SIEM on its own will automatically detect and centralize a lot of the different activity happening within a network, it is not at its optimum capacity without a full-time team managing the SIEM in the background.

How a SIEM Works

A lot of enterprises will use a SIEM to fulfill compliance regulations and for its ability to monitor a network. This works by deploying a SIEM within a network and centralizing all the activity feeds to one collector. In addition, SIEMs can be set up to detect specific activity that is known to be malicious. However, depending on the product and company the enterprise decides to rely on, the result of how well the SIEM works is going to alter significantly.

Too often are SIEMs deployed without the proper knowledge and functionality implemented. When SIEMs are set up without experts and then left unchecked, so much of the actual value of a SIEM is being left on the table. To get the most out of a SIEM, companies need the right product and the right team to be there for them step-by-step from the initial deployment and beyond.

With the right product and an actual team of qualified experts, a SIEM can be customized and utilized as they are intended to be. When a company simply sets up a SIEM and then turns to their IT guy to manage it from there on out, they are getting nothing more than a confusing IDS system with low reliability. Oppositely, a SIEM from Fortinet that is managed by a competent cybersecurity company, like StratoZen, will give the enterprise cross-correlation, analysis and critical context understanding. This, plus the customization of hundreds of rules, results in a product that gives users nearly zero false positives!

How the Management Behind a SIEM Works

Customization, cross-correlation and critical context understanding are all great attributes of proper cybersecurity. But without a team there to make sense of it all, it won’t do much — this is why a co-managed SIEM is vital when using SIEM solutions. Regular IT guys might understand a variety of internet and electronically related things, but it takes experts to really understand a SIEM. No one can just pick up a book and figure everything there is to know about SIEM, it takes actual experience.

Experts with actual experience know what it takes to set up and monitor a SIEM so that it functions at its optimum capacity. They accomplish this by adapting the SIEM’s settings to fit a specific network, looking over reports and recognizing what is a threat and what isn’t, and continuously learning more about the constantly evolving threats that are pressing in on companies. It is these specialists (combined with the best SIEM product) that really make co-managed SIEM work efficiently.

The difference between co-managed SIEM and just a SIEM being deployed with no management is vast. Co-managed SIEM works by having a team of experts working behind-the-scenes to make sure everything is working at its optimum capacity. To get the most out of your SIEM, work with us and we’ll take care of all the behind-the-scenes work for you.