There is nothing more important than your company’s online security, especially today when cyber-attacks are more prominent than ever. From protecting your online data to protecting personal information belonging to your clients and customers, you need to take the necessary precautions to avoid online catastrophe, and that is where cybersecurity products and services like Fortinet and SIEM services come into play.

However, cybersecurity companies exist across the globe, and you have to make sure that you’re doing your research and choosing the right company to handle your business’s cybersecurity. We here at StratoZen offer various services that will help you and your company, and here’s how our cybersecurity products can benefit you.


Our SIEM-as-a-Service enables MSPs to gain all the benefits of some of the most powerful and flexible SIEM in the world without the need for hardware or personnel investment for deployment, management or maintenance of the system. We take care of all the infrastructure, maintenance upgrades, patches, capacity planning, backups and security of the system and platform. Your company will benefit from our decades of experience building, scaling and managing SIEM environments which supports tens of thousands of devices.


Our next service is our SOC-as-a-Service, which is offered in two different service levels depending on your needs: daily compliance review and premium monitoring. Our Daily Compliance Review is our most popular SOC-as-a-service option, and this product provides cost-efficient SOC monitoring and response that meets regulatory PCI, FFIEC and HIPAA requirements. This service provides you with a dedicated team of our experienced security analysts who perform daily reviews of all your logs and notifications 24/7. Each review is tracked and logged to prove regulatory compliance, and if any serious issues are found, a manual notification is created and sent to you immediately.

SIEM Management

SIEM management platforms are complicated and require the attention of cybersecurity experts, which is where this product comes into play. Some of our clients might have already built an in-house SIEM platform and simply need help with the management, maintenance and monitoring. MSPs also need an in-house solution to support their existing client’s connectivity through VPNs or MPLS, and in these instances, SIEM management comes in handy.

Advanced Threat Detection

Our advanced threat detection services go beyond point-in-time detection and deliver a lattice of detection capabilities combined with big data analytics that continuously analyze files and traffic on endpoints to help determine if advanced malware is an issue. Machine-learning techniques evaluate more than 400 characteristics associated with each and every file to analyze and block advanced malware. This combination which we offer here at StratoZen goes beyond traditional point-in-time detection.


Our SWAT Feed dramatically reduces false positives over lists and feeds that keep old data. Our SWAT Feed services capture the most up-to-the-minute list of active attackers and any alert against the SWAT Feed list can be treated as a critical severity, since the data is so fresh and relevant. One of the best things about this service is that it is fully integrated into our SIEM-as-a-Service solution. This makes it possible to be notified of attacks targeting your organization without any additional equipment being deployed or any additional personnel being hired.

ZenSight Reports and ZenScore

ZenSight reports assign a risk score calculation to every customer device. This risk score is calculated based on a combination of the device’s detected vulnerabilities and active threats. This then gets rolled up to an overall score representing the cybersecurity risk across the entire organization using ZenSight. Zensight customer reports provide an interactive report dashboard for you and board level reports for your clients and customers. The dashboard allows you to instantly identify which devices have the highest risk among all your customers, and the board level customer reports clearly show the customer’s security posture and the value you provide as their MSSP.

Vulnerability Scanner Integration

Our vulnerability scanning services are a critical component of identifying and managing customer risk. Integrating vulnerability data with your SIEM solves the issue of separate reports and alerts that your team must deal with on an ongoing basis by providing centralized reporting and alerting. This service also enables a new level of contextual analysis by correlating vulnerability data with other security information and events to achieve a true risk-based view of your devices.

Our cybersecurity products here at StratoZen are meant to help keep your business secure online in a time where cyber criminals and malicious threats are increasing. If you have any questions about any of our services or you’re looking to hire the expertise of a reputable cybersecurity company, you can’t go wrong with the cybersecurity experts here at StratoZen.