When it comes to organizations handling their customers’ personal information, there are certain policies, rules and restrictions which every company must follow in order to ensure that the data is protected from any potential online breaches or leaks. Personal information such as an individual’s health records, social security numbers and credit card numbers are a private matter, and through services such as co-managed SIEM, cybersecurity companies can help businesses adhere to the HIPPA compliance standards in place today.

Here is how we at StratoZen can help your business stay within these standards and protect your customers personal data from online threats.

What is HIPPA Compliance?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) was established in 1996 and required the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to develop regulations that would protect the privacy and security of an individual’s health information. To accomplish this, the HIPPA Privacy and HIPPA Security rules were published.

  • The Privacy Rule establishes national standards for protecting certain health information.
  • The Security Rule establishes national standards for the protection of individual’s health information that is held or transferred electronically.

Before HIPPA, there were no security standards or general requirements for protecting health information that companies held.

At StratoZen, we offer FFIEC and HIPPA compliance solutions that will keep your customers personal information safe. We take enterprise security tools, turn them into complete, cloud-delivered solutions and make them available to businesses, MSSPs and enterprises, no matter what the size, through our managed and co-managed SIEM service provider partners.

We help some of the largest MSPs in the world keep up with HIPPA compliance regulations and keep their customers safe from various online threats.

While we only talked about HIPPA compliance regulations, there are various other regulations in play that companies must follow today, and we can help ensure you aren’t violating any of them our cybersecurity company is an international organization that complies with all regulations. If you want to learn more about compliance or you’re in need of cybersecurity assistance, give us a call here at StratoZen.