A little known fact within the cybersecurity world is that healthcare companies are a big target for cyber attacks. The reason for this is because of all the personal information that attackers can access from every individual’s file, and healthcare companies don’t concern themselves with security issues as much as they should.

StratoZen is a cybersecurity company that offers a co-managed SIEM solution while guaranteeing the fulfillment of compliance requirements, including HIPAA. With the healthcare industry in serious need of reliable cybersecurity, StratoZen is helping to get the job done.

The State of Healthcare Security

As mentioned, hackers target healthcare companies because small and midlevel organizations don’t do enough to combat attacks. Cyber attacks are dangerous now more than they ever have been, and unfortunately, healthcare companies are leaving PHI (protected health information) and other data exposed. It’s no question that healthcare providers are doing their best to help patients maintain or regain good health,  but they need to start looking inwards themselves.

Why Healthcare Companies Need Help

There is a variety of regulations put in place for these healthcare providers to comply, but without trusted coverage and solutions, like co-managed SIEM with StratoZen, a lot of these companies are falling victim to cyber attacks. Too often the healthcare organizations are too lax about their security. Obviously, it is important for them to focus on providing the best — even life-saving — solutions, but they need some individuals monitoring their network activity to ensure their patients’ information is not breached. Outside of the healthcare industry, mid-sized and large enterprises have entire teams or departments devoted to this kind of work, and that goes to show how important and how much work is needed in order to secure digitalized records and information.

The thing is, healthcare companies don’t necessarily function like any other corporation; they don’t always have a place for teams or departments like an in-house marketing team, or in this case, a cybersecurity team. This is why turning to a cybersecurity company like StratoZen is so important.

What StratoZen can Do

With a team of cybersecurity experts at the disposal of any company, that company can focus on what they do best and let the experts do what they do with security. But what does this exactly entail? Well, at StratoZen, we have a team of proven specialists who monitor clients’ network around the clock, providing them with reports and solutions whenever needed.

Our product, a co-managed SIEM solution, is more than log aggregation, IDS/IPS or machine learning systems, it is a cross-correlation and analysis system that gathers security information in one place (eliminating blind spots), detecting suspicious behavior, enforcing corporate policies, and complying with regulatory compliance. The combination of a co-managed SIEM with a team of experts gives healthcare companies the ability to recognize attacks before they happen and come up with solutions if they are breached.

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