As a cybersecurity company that provides top-quality services, we understand that recognizing threats and coming up with solutions is no easy task. Even with your own support team at your control, you might still have some difficulties.  For that reason, we hire our own team of experts that have the education and experience needed to fully understand the ins and outs of cybersecurity threats and solutions.

The communication with our team that you get through our services will help your support team with the following: understanding how to fix problems, complying with HIPAA, FFIEC, PCI and other regulations, keeping you up to date with live notifications, and fine-tuning your SIEM so that you can better detect potential problems. We’ll explain how below.

Our Expertise

Cybersecurity is not a DIY kind of thing, it takes real experts and analysts to protect companies from serious breaches. There are universities today that allow students to study and get a degree in cybersecurity studies — the depth of knowledge our security analysts need in today’s world is unbelievable. With that said, your support team may be familiar with some common cyber activities, but they do not have the experience or knowledge that we have. When our SIEM solution detects any threats, we will come up with solutions for you and then give your team a step-by-step walkthrough on how to sort out the problem.


As with all things that deal with protecting personal information, the compliance regulations are no joke. The regulations are already complex, but they are being modified continually. Our team not only has the expertise needed to understand and comply with these regulations, but we have ongoing trainings to make sure that our SIEM solutions stay up to date with the compliance.

Live Notifications

While most cybersecurity products go on for 30 minutes or an hour (even days) before they recognize a potential threat, we have a guaranteed three-minute SLA. This means that as soon as a threat is recognized, your support team will be notified and can start working with us to come up with a solution before it because a serious problem.

Ongoing Customization

One of the best parts about our SIEM solution is that we are able to customize our services to your client’s network. These customizations are so thorough, that your clients are able to control even minuscule details like how many failed IPS logins they want to allow before locking. This much customization is a lot of work, but we will feed you the instructions all the way. Further, after the SIEM is already set up and new updates are needed, we are able to continue to help your support team to continue to make any needed customizations.

The ongoing communication that we give our partners is a significant help to your support team. It’s similar to having someone give you the answers on an important test but without getting into any trouble. If you and your support team are struggling to keep up with the needs of your client’s security needs, contact StratoZen, the best cybersecurity company with SIEM and SOC solutions.