Watch or listen to the next webcast and podcast of our live interview series with MSP partners as they share their perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect it has had and continues to have on business and customers.

MSPs across the country are rethinking how they can deliver traditional onsite services in creative new ways. If you can successfully virtualize some of these services, you can maximize revenues now while positioning for more rapid growth once the current crisis passes. One MSP that has implemented such new approaches is NetSource One in Saginaw, MI.

Watch the recorded webcast:

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Watch or listen in on StratoZen’s CRO, Eric Gravett, as he interviews Chris Lewis, Information Security Manager with NetSource One to discuss how NSO has thrived during the current crisis by using creative ways to virtualize traditional onsite services.

Speakers: Chris Lewis, Information Security Manager at NetSource One and Eric Gravett, StratoZen’s CRO