StratoZen knows MSPs because we’ve built MSPs. The individuals on our leadership team have been responsible for building large, successful MSPs and MSSPs for decades. This first-hand knowledge makes StratoZen the perfect partner for your managed security services practice. We understand your challenges, we understand your needs, and we understand the criticality of providing effective cybersecurity solutions to your customers at a reasonable price.

Your New Security Partnership

The classic reason IT managed service providers exist is because it’s more cost-effective and efficient for most of your customers to leverage your buying power and centralized team of IT expertise rather than try to buy/build that expertise internally. Your customers simply cannot afford to hire and keep top IT professionals but need that level of expertise to support their business. Because of the highly specialized nature of cybersecurity, most MSPs struggle with the same issues as they consider offering managed security services.

As a StratoZen MSP partner, you automatically have access to an entire team of top cybersecurity experts. Much like your IT support services, we can afford the top talent in the industry – and the best technology available – because those costs are spread among many organizations. Our experts don’t get bored because we’re constantly researching the next cybersecurity technologies and growing our team. StratoZen professionals have enormous career progression potential, such as: analyst, team lead, emerging technology research, dedicated MSP advocate, virtual CISO roles, and more.