Our Platform

StratoZen’s Platform provides active cybersecurity defense, comprehensive threat detection, intelligent response, and simplified compliance. From the beginning, we’ve built our offerings to solve the most common cybersecurity challenges of our Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners and large enterprise clients. StratoZen’s Platform components are all modular and fully customized to integrate seamlessly with your existing tools, operations, and teams.


If you need accurate threat detection, intelligent response, and simplified compliance but don’t want all the cost and complexity of owning your own SIEM, StratoZen’s SIEM-as-a-Service component offers a custom-tuned, robust SIEM solution, delivered in a simplified SaaS model.


StratoZen’s SOC-as-a-Service options provide expert threat analysis, incident investigation, and response support that’s designed to be custom-integrated into your existing IT operations. You get security intelligence and support from our 100% US team without turning over control.

(CO)Managed SIEM

If you need a dedicated SIEM deployed anywhere in the world, but don’t want the headache that comes with continuously tuning and maintaining it, StratoZen’s (Co)Managed SIEM component delivers a fully customized SIEM, managed by our experts alongside your in-house staff. .

Proactive Defense

Stop ransomware and other malware on endpoints and servers. Isolate suspicious devices. Automatically block traffic to and from malicious IPs and active attackers. You receive active defense of your endpoints and networks, fully integrated with our SIEM and SOCaaS solutions.