With all the cyber threats that continue to develop, it can be hard to know if an organization’s IT security is finally “there”. The honest truth is that effective cybersecurity will mean always staying on your toes. But your security is likely in a good place if you currently do the following. Not only does using SIEM take your businesses a step closer to compliance standards, but it can offer a comprehensive birds-eye view of potential threats to your system. Traditionally, these solutions have been a headache for IT teams tasked with sorting through false positives and false negatives but our custom SIEM solution at StratoZen reduces these false alerts and, with it, labor costs.

Educating Employees

One of the best things you can do for your cybersecurity, as most cybersecurity companies will tell you, is train your employees. Hackers are always working to become more tech savvy and so should our teams.

Enforcing Password Practices

One of the most overlooked aspects of cybersecurity is passwords. Strong passwords can be helpful, but they are also hard to remember. One way to combat this is by using a password managing system in order to keep track of strong passwords. Another more effective way is by enabling multi-factor identification.

Backing up Data

Having good IT security ensures that they back up your data consistently. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best security measures won’t cut it. Make sure that your word processing documents, databases, electronic spreadsheets, human resources files, financial files, and accounts receivable/payable files are backed up and stored in a separate location. This will also prevent against physical disasters.

Cyber criminals will continue to improve their methods, so it’s important that you stay on top of your game. But if you have these four practices in place, in addition to the traditional firewalls and anti-malware software, you will be able to prevent most of the attackers that may target your data. If you want some extra peace of mind, StratoZen’s SIEM and other services can help! With over 85 years of experience, we are confident that we can assist your business in booston its cybersecurity game.