A big target for cybercrime are financial organizations. This probably ins’t surprising, but it can be a frightening prospect for banks and other businesses that carry an immense amount of trust from their clients. From SIEM solutions to AI, Here are some things to watch for to protect your organization from attacks. 

Internal Threats and SIEM

Be aware that these kind of attacks can come from even part-time or contract employees. Even if they do not have malicious intentions themselves, hackers may try and strike during transition periods. One way to keep a close eye on these types of risks is by using an SIEM solution to monitor potential breaches.

Artificial Intelligence Options

Some financial companies have been turning to using robotic process automation in order to find troublesome patterns from within their data. This can be helpful for freeing up employees, but be aware that they also introduce new vulnerabilities and will need to be protected themselves.

High Attack Risk

As mentioned before, if you are a financial firm, then you are at an extremely high risk for attempted cyberattacks. You’ll need to set up thorough defenses by regularly training employees with information and drills. Also look at implementing extra identification processes like multi-factor authentication. You should also review the access that an employee has to sensitive data. 

Cybersecurity Strategy

Make sure that you have a solid plan in place. To do that, you’ll need the involvement and support of senior leaders. Even if they don’t understand all of the risks, be sure that you and your team do. Stay up to date on current threats so that you can create a robust cybersecurity component to complete your business plan. At StratoZen, we offer both cloud-based SIEM services as well as management for in-house platforms to assist you with your strategy.

Financial institutions require comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring and compliance to protect themselves against today’s cyber attacks. At StratoZen, we have focused our services specifically on helping organizations like yours. We understand the challenges you face and want to help bring about the solutions. Visit us our website for more information.