Understanding how to run cybersecurity solutions for a full network of devices is not something just any MSP or IT guy can do; usually, a full SOC team is needed in order to run everything efficiently. However, what if your potential client doesn’t have a SOC? Will they be able to rely on you for all their needs? Not likely, right? This is why we have SOC management provided as a service.

By turning to a reliable cybersecurity company like StratoZen to run your client’s SIEM solution, you have a SOC team on your side and go from an MSP to an MSSP in appearance. Essentially, with our SOC services, we do all the work and make sure that your client’s network is running smoothly , in the meantime, with the service white labeled, you look like an MSSP but we feed you all the information. This is going to be a much better choice than your client deploying a SIEM and building out their own SOC team.

The reason that this is a better option is because of the cost efficiency. We recently studied how much a company spends in a year on a SOC team and found that they reach as high as $3 million. If that seems too high, you may not understand how much it costs to hire SIEM and cybersecurity experts, nor do you understand the uptake and high demand for them as well. With cybersecurity constantly evolving, SOC team members need constant training in order to know what threats they face. Further, it’s estimated that by 2020 there will be a 3.5 million shortfall of cybersecurity personnel, that means that turnover will be significant with the high demand for those experts; they will likely go where they are offered the most compensation.

Rather than having to deal with all of those problems, wouldn’t it be better to just let a cybersecurity company like ours manage your clients’ networks? And when we say manage, we don’t just mean logging events, but constantly monitoring the activity and providing you will real-time notifications, comprehensive reviews, and global correlation. In other words, we will be overseeing the activity of your clients 24/7 and giving you any and all the information you need.

If you are considering the different SIEM solutions on the market for your clients, don’t consider anyone else besides StratoZen. We will give your clients the most accurate reads and save you a world of headache, all of this thanks to our SOCaaS.