StratoZen Acquisition – Client FAQs

Client FAQs


1. What is the legal name of the new organization?

    • ConnectWise or ConnectWise, LLC


2. Where and to whom should invoices be sent now?

    • Nothing will change regarding your invoices in the short term. We’ll notify you with plenty of time before making any changes.


3. Are the contracts we have in place still valid? If so, for how long?

    • Yes. Your StratoZen contracts are simply “assigned” to ConnectWise per the terms of your MSA. All the terms, services, commitments, SLAs, and payment terms will remain identical.


4. How will this change in ownership affect our service agreements?

    • See above. This acquisition will not change your current agreement at all.


5. What are the benefits of the acquisition for us?

    • ConnectWise is the largest and most well-recognized provider of software and services to Technology Service Providers. By StratoZen becoming part of ConnectWise, you will see much broader and deeper capabilities, dramatic expansion of our development efforts, a true global footprint, multiple SOCs, and tighter integration with the entire ConnectWise portfolio.
    • As we integrate the companies, we will communicate new and exciting benefits out to our partners.


6. Will service quality/policies change?

    • If anything, we expect service quality to increase due to the many more resources StratoZen will now have.


7. Will service levels remain the same?

    • Yes. We don’t anticipate any changes to your service levels.


8. Will current pricing still be honored?

    • Yes.


9. Will there be any staffing changes that might affect me?

    • No. All StratoZen team members are moving to ConnectWise.


10. Who do I call if I have a problem or concern?

    • In the immediate term, you will continue to use the same emails and phone number that you always have. If / when that needs to change, we will communicate any updates well in advance.


11. Will access to the partner marketing hub still be available?

    • Yes. We may change the partner marketing hub in the future, but if so, you will receive plenty of notification.


12. Will new marketing materials be available with the ConnectWise name?

    • Yes, but these may take a few weeks to be developed.


13. I am not a Technology Service Provider (i.e. direct client, telecom, etc.). Do I need to find another SIEM/SOC provider?

    • No. Although ConnectWise is focused on services providers, our commitment to our direct clients has not changed. If anything, you will see more rapid service enhancements, additional options, and expanded support now that we have more resources than ever before.