Today marks a big day for me, and what I hope will be a big day for IT security, compliance, and the managed service provider industry.  And I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.  Not because I have launched a second managed security service provider company, but because the industry and landscape feel very similar to what it felt like back in 2000.  Back in 2000, after everyone realized that Y2K was not a big deal the focus turned to the real issues at the time.  Broadband Internet was extending from just the large companies to small and midsized companies and even remote offices.  Hacker exploits were happening continually which drove the need for information security solutions to protect our systems and networks.  Over the next few years, firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, vulnerability scans and a host of other solutions soon flooded the market.  The deployment of these solutions was often driven by regulatory compliance requirements.  The approach was to create a perimeter defense between you and the Internet.  Secure, protected systems on the inside.  Hackers and other malicious things on out outside.

Fast forward to today.  The reality is, most everything has changed.  The threat landscape has changed.  Compliance has changed.  New regulations exist today.  HIPAA and PCI and a host of others are now mature and in force.  The tools available to combat these threats have changed.  Information technology with virtualization and cloud computing have changed much of our world.  What hasn’t changed is that most SMBs still rely on yesterday’s information security technologies to protect them from today’s threats…and they aren’t doing a good job.

Malware has changed everything about the way attackers exploit systems.  Years ago, attackers would probe the outside of a network or firewall looking for open ports with vulnerabilities to exploit.  While that still happens today, nearly all successful breaches come from malware that did not get installed through an inbound attack.  Malware gets installed on systems through any number of methods including USB sticks, infection while remote on a home or public network, malware sites or compromised websites that a user is directed to through any number of methods, social media and more.

Malware evades traditional information security solutions.  Firewalls can’t stop it.  IDS/IPS systems can’t detect it because malware uses encryption.  Malware can morph so anti-virus solutions can’t detect or stop it.  As a result, new technologies and tools have been developed to stop today’s threat.  Unfortunately, those tools are designed for large enterprises and not for SMBs who desperately need them.  The tools are extremely expensive to purchase, require talented IT security experts to deploy, manage and maintain, and require high-end infrastructure that puts heavy CapX demands on under inflated budgets.

This problem extends beyond SMBs because SMBs rely on managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver these services to them.  SMBs need their MSPs to make available these new solutions but often the MSPs don’t have the staff, expertise, scale, or capital to invest in the buildout and support of these new and complex solutions.

That is why I felt compelled to start StratoZen.  StratoZen does a few very unique things.  We take enterprise class tools and turn them into solutions available to the SMB market.  We partner with MSPs enabling them to become managed security service providers (MSSPs) so they can offer the next generation solutions to their clients.  This gives MSPs the ability to expand their revenues through upsell and cross selling to their existing client base overnight.  We make these solutions available through a cloud delivery model.  Rather than just relying on a perimeter based defense, StratoZen offers a holistic approach that includes cloud security, data security, server security, endpoint security as well as network-based security solutions.

Developing and offering these solutions is unfortunately not enough, which iswhy StratoZen takes great pride in our ability to educate the market and MSPs on how to successfully offer these next generation solutions.  We create and provide content to our MSP partners.  We host webinars for their customers.  We don’t just give them a SKU and wait for an order.  We are there to assist our MSP partners throughout every step of the process to ensure their success and their customer’s security and compliance.

The StratoZen team has been hand-picked as the best in the industry leaders and specialists.  We know how to build solutions.  We know how to deliver those solutions through an MSP channel successfully.  We know what the market needs and how to meet those needs.  We’ve spent the last 16 months fine tuning and perfecting our services for some of the largest MSPs in the industry.  And today, I am extremely proud to launch StratoZen publically.  Yes, it’s a big day for me personally.  But with the StratoZen team, and the next generation of services we’ve developed, I’d like to think it’s a big day for MSPs that want to provide true IT security and compliance for their customers.


Kevin Prince


StratoZen, Inc.


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