We are proud to announce that StratoZen was featured as a top 10 SIEM solution provider for 2020 by Enterprise Security Magazine (ESM).

ESM first published their list of top 10 SIEM providers in 2019 with the goal of helping enterprise businesses and MSPs who are in the market for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. To compile the list, ESM works with a panel of analysts and marketing specialists to short-list startups that are pioneering SIEM solutions. Their editorial board then reviews and selects the top SIEM solutions providers to assemble the final list.

StratoZen’s unique SIEM-as-a-service offering was designed to help organizations bridge the gap between traditional in-house security solutions and legacy outsourced managed security service provider (MSSP) options. Our SIEM offering, which is cloud-based and scalable, was designed to make cybersecurity compliance more accessible, flexible and affordable for enterprises of all sizes. Stratozen’s SIEM solution includes the StratoZen platform itself as well as access to experts who can analyze, interpret, and conduct forensics and threat hunting on data within the system.

SIEM-as-a-service is a completely turnkey offering from StratoZen which is configured and managed by our internal experts. The platform is comprehensive and fully customizable and includes a variety of features including a fully hosted and managed SIEM platform, data system/backups, audit/exam support and much more.

We are honored to be chosen as one of ESM’s top 10 SIEM solutions providers for 2020. Since our founding in 2014, we’ve worked hard to meet the growing need for a comprehensive, accessible, and scalable security information and event management system. Now, with the global COVID-19 pandemic exposing companies to more risk than ever before, we are positioned to help organizations protect their valuable data and assets while maintaining cybersecurity compliance regardless of industry sector.

Visit ESM’s website to read the full article, Top 10 SIEM Solution Providers 2020, and learn more about their approach to selecting the top SIEM vendors. Also, be sure to check out our Siem-as-a-Service product page for information about our SIEM offering.