StratoZen, a leading provider of Co-Managed SIEM, SIEM-as-a-Service, and SOC-as-a-Service, has just announced new, detailed response guidance for all clients. The in-depth articles provide context, explanation, and action items written by StratoZen’s SOC team, and embedded directly into high-priority notifications.

The Utah-based cybersecurity company developed this enhancement to better equip its Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners and enterprise clients with the critical information needed to immediately respond to cybersecurity threats.

“Our partners need better information on how to respond to threats as quickly as possible,” said Chris Gebhardt, StratoZen VP of Operations. “It’s no longer good enough to rely on basic notifications with a one or two sentence description of what happened. By providing unique insight and in-depth guidance, we’re empowering our clients to make better, well-informed decisions to respond quickly and confidently.”

StratoZen’s new Response Guidance goes far beyond traditional threat notifications, providing context on why the incident occurred and prescribing specific steps to take.

Specifically, each Response Guidance article includes:

  • Explanation of why the alert was generated
  • Possible causes of the incident
  • Context for why the issue matters, including information from trusted sources such as MITRE and NIST
  • Steps that internal teams can take for further investigation
  • Actions the partner or client should take immediately

This is a significant upgrade to the intelligence and information included in StratoZen’s notifications, and is being rolled out to all partners and clients at no additional charge. StratoZen will continually update the response guidance with new information and up-to-date tactics.

About StratoZen

For service providers and enterprises, StratoZen provides modern SIEM, SOC-as-a-Service, and Proactive Defense solutions that bridge the gap between traditional in-house cybersecurity and legacy outsourced MSSP options. We deliver unique value to our clients by focusing on high accuracy, unmatched flexibility, and custom integration with existing IT operations. Organizations that outsource IT management can access our solutions through our extensive network of service provider partners, while enterprises with in-house teams can leverage StratoZen to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of their SIEM and security operations. Learn more: