Integrated vulnerability scanning, risk-based customer reports, and an upgraded SLA expand StratoZen’s SIEM-as-a-Service and SOC-as-a-Service solutions for MSP and MSSP partners

Salt Lake City, UTToday at the Fortinet Accelerate 18 conference, StratoZen, the leading master MSSP providing cybersecurity solutions for MSPs and MSSPs, announced several major enhancements to its SIEM-as-a-Service and SOC-as-a-Service offerings.  The enhancements mark a significant milestone for the company, and include:

  • Integrated vulnerability scanning requiring no hardware or 3rd party licensing
  • ZenScore, a proprietary algorithm used to calculate a risk rating score for each customer and every monitored device
  • ZenSight, an interactive report portal for StratoZen’s MSP and MSSP partners. ZenSight enables StratoZen’s partners to instantly identify high-risk devices and immediately drill down to the underlying root cause.
  • Board-level, customer facing reports that leverage the new ZenScore metric. With ZenSight customer reports, service providers can now prove their value to end customers by clearly showing the results of cybersecurity efforts.
  • Additionally, StratoZen’s SIEM and SOC solutions will now include a 3-Minute SLA for notifications on all high-severity security incidents detected, 24x7x365. Notifications include direct integration with ConnectWise and ServiceNow as well as traditional email-to-ticket configurations.

“Today’s announcement represents the company we always wanted to build when we founded StratoZen,” said Kevin Prince, CEO at StratoZen.  “We made the decision early on that we would not take on outside investors or debt to build our company.  So we’ve spent the past 4 years quietly building the world’s premier master MSSP through a combination of our highly experienced team and phenomenal customer service.  Now we get to see all this hard work culminate in cybersecurity offerings and features that are unmatched in the industry.  And we are just getting started.”


The integrated vulnerability scanning, ZenScore, and ZenSight offerings are currently in the final stages of beta testing with a few partners.  StratoZen will roll out the new services and enhancements to all partners during Q2, prioritized based on partner tier level.

About StratoZen

Founded in 2014, StratoZen, Inc. is the premier provider of custom cybersecurity solutions for MSPs, MSSPs, and other service providers. Some of the largest MSPs in the world use StratoZen for security and compliance monitoring behind the scenes. StratoZen offers cloud-delivered SIEM-as-a-Service, SOC-as-a-Service, and endpoint protection solutions. Many MSPs use StratoZen to become MSSPs overnight. For established MSSPs and enterprises, StratoZen provides custom-tailored implementation and hosting services for FortiSIEM as well as compliance solutions with particular expertise in PCI, FFIEC, and HIPAA.