Security information event management (SIEM) software is a suite of solutions that facilitate the collection, oversight, and analysis of log data from multiple computer systems across distributed IT systems. SIEM software’s main purpose is to identify threats and report suspicious activity.

In a 2020 survey of cybersecurity professionals conducted by Cybersecurity Insiders, 75% of respondents believed that SIEM is very important or extremely important to their organization’s security posture. Respondents listed the top three benefits to SIEM as: faster detection and response, better visibility, and more efficient security operations.

Source: Cybersecurity Insiders 2020 SIEM Report

Traditional SIEM solutions are deployed by a third-party SIEMaas host that fulfills all required compliance regulations. However, SIEMaas has many limitations that result in missing up to 90% of critical activity information. This is due to a variety of factors that include being limited to about twenty or thirty different rules to recognize malicious activity.

SIEM-as-a-Service is a managed alternative to the traditional SIEM approach that allows for the application of hundreds of rules which can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company.

SIEM-as-a-Service is not one-size fits all
SIEM-as-a-Service is an effective alternative to traditional SIEM solutions because it can be customized for small-to-mid-sized businesses that may not have the staff, budget, or IT resources to build and host a traditional SIEM software solution.

In a recent interview, StratoZen’s co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Eric Gravett, pointed out that one of the most significant advantages of SIEM-as-a-Service for businesses, is the ability to achieve multilayered protection with fewer internal resources.

“At StratoZen, we’re conscious of the time and resource constraints companies face with regards to cybersecurity, which is why we offer customized packages that enable our customers to invest in the level of software and expertise that fits their company’s needs and assets,” says Gravett.

Customization is one of the main elements of our SIEM-as-a-service offering that sets us apart from our competitors.

“Almost universally, our competitors put all their customers into a single SIEM-as-a-Service instance and monitor them the same way,” explains Eric. “They’re assigned the same rule sets, the same type of notifications, and the same reports.”

StratoZen’s approach to SIEM-as-a-Service
StratoZen’s turnkey SIEM-as-a-Service offering addresses the pain point of data access. Putting all companies into the same SIEM-as-a-Service plan results in sacrificing clarity for convenience.

Says Gravett, “Our competitors that provide SIEM-as-a-Service don’t allow customers to log in. Their clients only have access to emails and reports, but not the security data itself.”

This type of restriction is a security measure taken by many cybersecurity companies to reduce clients’ ability to perform their own research and quality oversight. However, it can make things frustrating for IT teams that want a clear picture of problems so that they can come up with better solutions. At StratoZen, we offer monitoring along with expert oversight, but allow our clients full access to their raw security data..

“We built our service to include the best of both worlds,” says Gravett. “We offer security analytics, global threat intelligence and SIEM experts. This, combined with the MSP’s familiarity with the end customer, provides skilled monitoring, enhanced security, and real-world relevancy to the end customer.”

Our SIEM-as-a-Service solution makes it possible to translate cybersecurity issues into business terminology, facilitating the changes needed to ensure better security.

SIEM is complex and requires significant expertise in a variety of different areas, which is why we created our SIEM-as-a-Service offering so that it can be customized to meet the needs of an organization’s unique cybersecurity requirements.

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