There are a lot of SIEM services, but there is no service quite like Fortinet’s FortiSIEM. As intended for the wide array of cybersecurity companies, FortiSIEM helps specific industries keep their private information protected from attacks, however, FortiSIEM doesn’t just cover one industry, it covers multiple. Healthcare, government contractors, financial institutions, higher education, MSPs and MSSPs, legal, telecom service providers and large retail enterprises can all rely on FortiSIEM.

In addition to the broad range of coverage that FortiSIEM provides, the company, Fortinet, is one of the most trusted leaders in the cybersecurity industry. For 19 years, Fortinet has continued to develop their expertise in online security, and by now, with so many different things that you need to monitor — endpoints, security tools, applications, VM’s and the cloud — their Security Incident and Events Management solution simplifies everything. While 80 percent of breaches go undetected around the world, FortiSIEM nails down threats before they become breaches by cross-correlations and machine learning. The response you get for potential breaches from FortiSIEM is great, but in order to safely monitor your network with the most efficiency, Fortinet turns to  StratoZen, before anyone else to manage their FortiSIEM accounts.

Why is this?

StratoZen’s FortiSIEM Expertise

For years now, StratoZen has been the leader of managing FortiSIEM accounts. We’ve gone from being one of the first AccelOps/FortiSIEM customers to the world’s leading expert on FortiSIEM. To legitimize this statement, let us roll out some of the facts.

For nearly a decade, we’ve been working with Fortinet and have superior expertise with their FortiSIEM. We now manage over 60,000 devices and still manage to reduce 98 precent of false positive reports while detecting an actual attack 204 days faster than others would. With our management, we save companies 57 percent of the cost it would take to hire an in-house staff. Our U.S. based company has no limitations and administers dozens of separate FortiSIEM instances around the world. In fact, 10 of the top 50 MSPs use us for their SIEM and SOC services. But to really prove our point, even Fortinet uses us to build and manage their own FortiSIEM Cloud in AWS (Amazon Web Services — a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals).

If you are a MSP, MSSP, carrier or even a medium to large enterprise that is in need of cybersecurity and SOC services, then StratoZen will save you the headache and cost of building an in-house team. We will provide you with deployment options and customizations, optional add-ons for the FortiSIEM platform, and never-ending management that will provide you with reports, feedback and solutions as necessary. When it comes to SIEM management, there really is no other organization that has as much experiences with FortiSIEM than we do. For any help, questions or inquiries, contact us today.