Dear Partners,

Like many of you, the StratoZen leadership team has been asking ourselves what we can do to help during these difficult times. Obviously, cybersecurity services are even more critical as businesses are suddenly required to support a remote workforce. Even during an economic downturn, cybersecurity services are often referred to as “recession proof” because the need never diminishes.

But simply continuing to offer valuable services isn’t enough. I know many service providers are struggling to meet customer needs during this crisis. Many are concerned about what the next several months will bring and we know your customers are likely struggling even more. Companies all over the country are being significantly impacted right now while also concerned about the future.

Our services, helpful articles, and team members are all very valuable, but StratoZen wants to do more. We need to do more. From our founding, StratoZen has been focused on service providers and their end customers. We cannot simply continue ‘business as usual’ when our partner community needs help. With our complete financial independence, StratoZen has more flexibility to respond to unusual circumstances than many other cybersecurity providers, and we want to put that to use.

Beginning today, StratoZen is implementing temporary programs aimed at helping service providers and their customers, including free vulnerability scanning for at home employees and significant discounts on services.

Free Vulnerability Scanning for WFH Support

We are launching a completely free, automated external vulnerability scanning service to all our partners and their customers forced to operate in a work from home (WFH) environment. Through May 30th, any existing StratoZen partner can submit a list of external IP addresses and we’ll perform an automated external vulnerability scan on those IPs. The goal is to help our partners identify users whose home network is not properly secured so that the appropriate action can be taken.

There is no cost for this service and nothing to “sign up” for. If you’re an existing StratoZen partner, you can submit the list of external IP addresses to our support team. We’ll begin the vulnerability scans on Friday, 3/27. Scans will be done on a first come, first serve basis, with priority given to healthcare providers.

Low Cost Endpoint Defense

The most important cybersecurity issue for WFH is protecting users while on potentially unsecured home networks. Our partners and end customers need to protect end user devices with the most advanced solution available, and given the circumstances, it’s important that StratoZen deliver this at the lowest possible cost. Any existing StratoZen partner can order our Proactive Defense for Endpoints service through April 30th at 40% off the contractual price. This won’t be a promotional rate – we’ll honor that discount level for the term of the service.

StratoZen’s Proactive Defense for Endpoints combines enterprise-grade Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) into one solution, fully managed by StratoZen’s SOC and optionally integrated with our SIEM services. This service can protect user endpoints anywhere while also tying the endpoint telemetry data into overall monitoring programs.

Discount on All Other Services

We know this crisis has caused a lot of financial uncertainty for many partners and their customers. Many companies may be tempted to forego cybersecurity monitoring while adapting to WFH and dealing with the economic impact. However, now is the worst time to ignore cybersecurity.

So, we feel it necessary to discount all our core services in the short term to help our partner community.

Through April 30th, we’re implementing a flat 20% discount on all StratoZen services. This discount is open to every StratoZen partner, new and existing, regardless of partner level with us. This is not a sales promotion as StratoZen rates are set contractually. Rather, we are applying this discount regardless of our partners’ current contracted rates to help as much as we can during this trying situation, and we’re asking all of our partners to pass along the discount to their customers.

Ongoing Partner Support

In addition to the programs I’ve outlined above, I want to stress that we stand ready to help any partner that needs additional cybersecurity assistance. If you are a current partner and need our assistance with cybersecurity issues during these challenging times, whether part of your contracted services or not, please reach out to us. You have my commitment that StratoZen will do everything possible to help.

Kind regards,

Kevin Prince
Founder & CEO