Understanding False Positives

StratoZen espouses a near-zero false positive rate of alerting in our SIEM and SOC as a service environment to our clients. That is a pretty bold statement, one challenged frequently as a result of a misunderstanding. So, what exactly is […]

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What is Vulnerability Scanning?

IT teams and MSSPs both have a critical responsibility, aside from SIEM management, that involves assessing, mitigating and reporting any security vulnerabilities that exist within a company’s systems and software. This responsibility is known as vulnerability management. You can only […]

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Using VPN’s to Combat Cyber Threats

Annually, millions of people report cases pertaining to identity and personal information theft. We’re living in the digital age, and while it might facilitate everyday life, technology also has a dark side. This dark side can do detrimental damage to […]

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Cyber Security Threats for 2020

Cybersecurity concerns keep increasing as new strains of technology become popular. Paying the hefty price of cybersecurity negligence can lead to unwarranted losses in an organization. With many companies discarding their physical IT infrastructures to adopt cloud systems, […]

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