Cyber Security Threats for 2020

Cybersecurity concerns keep increasing as new strains of technology become popular. Paying the hefty price of cybersecurity negligence can lead to unwarranted losses in an organization. With many companies discarding their physical IT infrastructures to adopt cloud systems, […]

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What Services are Provided by Fortinet?

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, Fortinet is a valuable asset to cybersecurity companies across the nation. With their services, cybersecurity companies are able to help protect their clients from online threats such as hackers and cybercriminals, malware and […]

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Using Co-Managed SIEMS with Fortinet

Cyberattacks are occurring 24/7, and without the proper tools to fend them off your company could be at risk for security breaches which could harm the integrity of your business. It’s also worth noting that cybersecurity attacks are increasing due to […]

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What is Fortinet?

There are various cybersecurity companies across the nation that use Fortinet in order to protect their clients and customers against the growing dangers that companies face online today. Of course, these companies need to know how to properly […]

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Understanding Co-Managed SIEM

We’ve managed to cover co-managed SIEM quite a bit in some of our previous blogs because this is a service that is extremely beneficial to companies looking to protect themselves from any and all online threats. As a valuable service, […]

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