Data breaches are a common phenomenon in the current business world. Hackers have been able to breach even the most secure sensitive employee and customer information. Without proper SIEM tools and systems, cybersecurity companies may detect cyber-attacks that have taken place when it is too late.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Log Aggregation Feeds are some of the software tools designed to allow IT organizations to observe their security position using log files.

The Difference

The main difference between SIEM and Log aggregation is in the manner in which they treat event logs. Log files are essential to cybersecurity companies since they make a trail of communications to and from each source. Cybersecurity companies use log files in investigations and analysis in case a cyber-attack occurs. This helps companies understand where the attack came from and the effects it had on IT infrastructure.

SIEM software tools combine the work of SEM, SIM and SEC, which are their legacy security monitoring tools, while Log Aggregation Feeds allow the user or systems analyst to review log files with an intention besides maintaining security.

A Log Aggregation Feed is more effective in an environment where log files are aggregated from different sources into one place. SIEM is more effective when your job is to secure a sophisticated and distinct IT set-up using the most cutting-edge security monitoring tools accessible.

In terms of features, Log Aggregation Feeds collect data and events from multiple operating systems and applications. They do this in a given network while SIEM identifies suspicious event log activity. This includes substantial data transfers, repeated failed login attempts and alerts cybersecurity company analysts of a possible IoC detection.

The Best Option for You

Whether your company chooses to use SIEM or Log Aggregation Feeds is dependent on your organizations’ needs. SIEM is the best choice for you if you need a security-oriented result while Log Aggregation Feeds may be suitable if you need a generalized solution where your primary concern is storage and retention.

At StratoZen, we will analyze your organizational needs and help you choose what is best for.  We also offer up to date solutions and features as you concentrate on your core business.