As part of StratoZen’s effort to support the MSP community during these challenging times, we hosted a live interview with one of our MSP partners. In this interview, moderated by Eric Gravett, CRO of StratoZen, Don Baham, President of Kraft Technology Group and Chris Gebhardt, VP of Operations of StratoZen, discussed the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on both businesses and customers.

Some highlights from the video include:


“Most of our clients did not have the scale or capacity, or the training for all their employees to work from home. So, that’s been the primary challenge, is making sure that their infrastructure, their policies, and procedures, the way that they’re training their employees can scale to all of their employees, versus just a select few.”

“A lot of organizations are saying, “oh, we use VPN, so everything is good,” and it’s not, because most of the companies that are setting up VPN usually set it up as a split-tunnel VPN, meaning traffic to the corporate network that has to go to the corporate network, hit a corporate server, goes to the VPN, but every other piece of traffic just goes out over the home network connection.” – Don Baham, President of Kraft Technology Group

“One of the more interesting issues, especially for MSPs directly being targeted, now that you’ve got this dispersed workforce, what you’re dealing with is you’re fielding more tech calls for password resets. That immediately introduces social engineering. Why would I as a hacker spend the time trying to hack your environment, when all I have to do is make a phone call and get a username and password sent to me?”

“From the chart, it’s pretty obvious when the work from home craze started. So yeah, we are seeing a significant increase in alerts. Obviously, what’s happened, and everyone knows, is that you go from having one parameter, your corporate firewall, to now having dispersed parameters of two, three, four, five hundred people working from home, even if it’s 20 people working from home. That’s a huge increase in the attack surface.” – Chris Gebhardt, VP of Operations of StratoZen

View the video above to hear more about how MSPs are facing a challenge that has forced them to switch gears and work around issues they were not prepared for. All the while, their clients are looking to them for solutions to these issues that are also impacting their businesses. By working together as a community we here at StratoZen, alongside partners like Kraft Technology Group, are doing everything in our power to make sure that our clients are taken care of not only in terms of cybersecurity, but also by doing what we can to help preserve and get these businesses back on their feet.