Every company needs reliable cybersecurity services, but with so many products and companies, it is hard to know who you can trust. This blog post will tell you all the reasons why StratoZen is the most reliable cybersecurity company you’ll find. For those who are in a rush, the sections below go into further detail of our SIEM solution that gives companies coverage on all their devices, notifies you within three-minutes if there is a problem and our team of experts that you can contact on any day at any time for assistance. We’ll start with the product first.


StratoZen not only uses the best SIEM solution, Fortinet’s FortiSIEM, but is the #1 provider of Fortinet products. We are so good with Fortinet products that they even use us to manage their network’s security. If you don’t know much about Fortinet, they are a billion-dollar multinational corporation that leads the industry in cybersecurity software and appliances.  With Fortinet’s SIEM solution, you get coverage on all the devices within a network for the cost of one device from other cybersecurity companies. How is this possible? The software we use centralizes the data and reporting for every device instead of having to install certain software to all devices. This also makes it easier when you are running reports; rather than having to look at multiple devices to make sure everything is running smoothly, you only need to check one.


Considering you do not have the time to constantly survey all your clients, we promise you that when a potential threat is found, you will be notified within three-minutes of the detected danger. While it is nice to have this kind of fast and reliable service, you hope you won’t have to deal with any of these kinds of threats, however, you don’t want to be left in the dark, right? That’s why we provide you monthly, biweekly or even daily reports if you want. We understand that the billions of reports cybersecurity systems produce can be a little overwhelming or hard to decipher, so we break it down for you in plain english in order to help you know what’s going on.


Along the same lines of helping you understand these reports, the communication we provide with our team of experts is what sets us apart. From giving you step-by-step detail of how to customize these services to your client’s network, to coming up with the best solutions in remediation, you can count on us from day one for around the clock assistance.

Like we said before, there are a lot of options for you to choose from, but the products, notifications and communication that we give you is unlike anything else. For more on what our services can do for you or to contact us for further inquiries, you can find everything you need on our homepage. We are the most reliable cybersecurity company.