Cybercriminals are the biggest threat to a business’s online security, and while reputable cybersecurity companies are the best way to combat these threats, it’s also important to take into account the benefits that come with co-managed SIEM services. Cybersecurity companies are professionals when it comes to detecting online threats, but you know your company best and co-managed SIEM services allow you to stay in the loop and aid in the fight against malicious online attacks.

Co-managed services are a new approach that allows the in-house company team to work with a third-party, in this case, the cybersecurity company, to combat online threats together, allowing them to utilize the best security strategies possible. Here are the three major advantages of using a Co-managed SIEM.

Co-Managed SIEM Lightens Workloads

One of the best reasons to consider using co-managed SIEM services is to lighten the workload on both the company and the third party’s end. Co-managed SIEM services allow for the two parties to work together and split the workload, ensuring that not one team is doing too much or too little; when this happens, it can lead to burnout and vulnerability within the company’s network.

With co-managed SIEM, the cybersecurity company can focus on detecting the online threats and notifying the company they’re working with, while the company’s internal IT team can focus on their regular duties, as well as managing the threats when they’re notified.

You’ll Be Working Alongside Specialists

Another great benefit to co-managed SIEM is that you get access to a team of SIEM experts who can help you detect online threats and keep all data on your networks safe. Not only that, but the team of experts can help your internal team learn about new cybersecurity methods that they can use to combat threats in the future. This is especially important because you might want to assume full responsibility for your cybersecurity in the future, and the only way to do this effectively is by knowing everything that you can about SIEM services.

You’ll Always Know What’s Going On

 Lastly, another great benefit to co-managed SIEM is that you will always know what’s going on when it comes to your company’s cybersecurity. Co-managing SIEM solutions mean that you know just as much about what’s being done as the cybersecurity companies, which is always a relief to the owner of the business.

Co-managed SIEM is perhaps the best way to stay in the loop and learn a thing or two forms the cybersecurity experts about how you can stay safe online and protect your personal data, as well as that of your customers and clients. Head over to our website if you want to learn more about SIEM services and solutions, as well as why you should consider hiring a cybersecurity company.