Access management is an important component of cybersecurity. It ensures that the right people get access to the right information. If done right, identity and access management (IAM) can help protect a company’s sensitive data, especially when combined with monitoring solutions like SIEM


IAM is the management of roles and access privileges within a network of users. It identifies unique users and defines what data they can and can’t access. For example, employees often have access to more information than customers on a company’s website.


There a variety of tools and components designed for access management. Some of these include:

  • Single Sign-ON (SSO).

    • This is what most of us are already familiar with. It’s the simple sign-in process that allows us access to our online banking, shopping carts, or movie streaming.

  • Identity Federation.

    • The identity of users is authenticated through an external identity provider.

  • Centralized Access Management.

    • This is often used in the workplace. It allows employees to sign in to one console and gain access to multiple assets.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication.

    • Users are required to provide multiple identifiers to gain access. These include passwords, fingerprints, or codes sent to a separate device.

  • Adaptive Authentication.

    • Depending on a user’s risk profile, this type of authentication process will adapt itself, adding additional steps to ensure identity.

Each of these provides a layer of security to protect sensitive data. However, cybercriminals are continually finding ways to bypass or utilize these components. In order to monitor your network for potential breaches, use a multilayered SIEM solution.

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