We’ve managed to cover co-managed SIEM quite a bit in some of our previous blogs because this is a service that is extremely beneficial to companies looking to protect themselves from any and all online threats. As a valuable service, it’s important for businesses to understand how it works so that they can invest in it if they’re looking to protect their data from cybercriminals and any online attacks.

In this blog post, we’re going to explain exactly what co-managed SIEM is and how it works. Hopefully, you’ll find the information that you’re looking for below about the wonderful service that is co-managed SIEM.

The Basis of Co-Managed SIEM

Co-managed SIEM acts as a middle ground between cybersecurity companies and the organization working to protect themselves from online threats. Online threats can be extremely harmful to organizations and their customers because cybercriminals can tap into sensitive information, deleting it and often times leaking it.

Oftentimes, these online threats get the better of an organization’s in-house team due to inexperience or due to the team not being able to manage cybersecurity work alongside their already heavy workload. While it might be an instinct to outsource cybersecurity completely to a reputable cybersecurity company, some businesses don’t want to hand over total control of this operation, which is where co-managed SIEM comes into play.

Co-managed SIEM allows for the collaboration of the service provider as well as the company’s in-house team to come up with efficient cybersecurity methods and strategies and tackle online threats that could pose a threat to that company’s networks and sensitive data.

The best thing about co-managed SIEM is that you’ll be in the loop when it comes to your cybersecurity, but a team of cybersecurity experts will be handling the technical aspects. You won’t have to worry about trying to figure out how to protect yourself from online threats, because professional teams will take care of that and will also help your in-house team learn new techniques when it comes to dealing with cyber threats.

Co-managed SIEM helps you reap the benefits of professional experience while still maintaining control over cybersecurity operations taking place within your company. If you want to learn more about co-managed SIEM or any other cybersecurity services, check out our services tab on our website.