Effectively protecting your online data from cyber threats takes a combination of experience and knowledge about both current online threats and your business’s networks. But while expertise is a must if you want to keep your business safe from cybercriminals and online attacks, you might not want to give cybersecurity companies complete control over your cybersecurity, or at least not quite yet. So, what do you do? Do you take all the responsibility into your own hands?

According to cybersecurity companies, the best option in a situation such as this is to consider co-managed SIEM. If you’re unfamiliar with co-managed SIEM, that’s okay, it’s a concept that not many companies look into. We here at StratoZen have written this blog to help you understand the basics of co-managed SIEM.

What is Co-Managed SIEM?

Co-managed SIEM services are a middle ground solution for companies who want to invest in cybersecurity without giving up complete control to the cybersecurity companies. Co-managed SIEM allows for the collaboration between cybersecurity companies and a business’s in-house IT team to work together, combining the contextual knowledge from said cybersecurity companies and the inside knowledge from the company’s IT team.

Co-managed SIEM is extremely beneficial to companies, as it helps you with three major things:

  • You’ll always be in the loop: You won’t have to worry about cybersecurity companies leaving you in the dark; co-managed SIEM services help companies know exactly what’s going on with their online security.
  • Professional assistance: through co-managed SIEM, you’ll be working directly with professionals in the cybersecurity industry who will help your team learn new techniques in protecting your online data.
  • Even workload: both sides work together to ensure that no one side is doing too much work, which leads to efficiency in threat detection and prevention.

Co-managed SIEM gives you the luxury of having a professional cybersecurity company helping you with your cybersecurity needs while also allowing you to maintain some control over your online protection. Contact us here at StratoZen if you’re looking to invest in cybersecurity. Our team of professional cybersecurity experts will help you conjure up an effective strategy to keep your data secure online.