Vulnerability Scanner Integration

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is a critical component of identifying and managing customer risk.  There are many excellent vulnerability scanners on the market and it’s important to choose the best solution that fits your needs.  However, choosing the best vulnerability scanner for you can present a new problem: separate reports and alerts that your team must deal with on an ongoing basis.

Integrating vulnerability data with your SIEM solves this issue by providing centralized reporting and alerting.  It also enables a new level of contextual analysis by correlating vulnerability data with your other security information and events to achieve a true risk-based view of your devices.

StratoZen includes vulnerability scanner integration with our solution

Use the vulnerability scanner solution that’s right for you, and still achieve tight integration with your SIEM and SOC solution.  StratoZen currently supports the following vulnerability scanners:

McAfee Foundstone Vulnerability Scanner
Nessus Vulnerability Scanner
Qualys Vulnerability Scanner
Rapid7 NeXpose Vulnerability Scanner
Rapid7 InsightVM Integration

ZenSight Reports Integration

StratoZen’s vulnerability scanner integration is also an important component of our ZenSight customer reports.  Scan results are used to calculate each device’s risk score, creating a comprehensive metric that accounts for detected vulnerabilities as well as active threats.  This tight integration enables you to see a comprehensive view of the organization’s risk through centralized reporting of your cybersecurity solutions.